Seo ConsultantYou have a great website, the design is incredible, it’s now been a year since the launch but you still have little sales or not enough traffic to run a successful business. Well, this is not just you, many business owners have been in the same situation, they are stuck and they don’t know what to do next to make it work.

Launching a website on the internet will not bring you customers straight away, you need a SEO consultant to optimise it, in order to be found. But what is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is often about making small but very important modifications to parts of your website. Even if it seems that these little changes won’t make a big change, all these improvements together will have a visible impact on your site’s performance in organic search results and also in your users experience.
Your website needs to be useful to your users and you need to work hard to make their experience the best that they can ever get. Search Engine is one of your users that will help other users find your content. So, SEO is all about helping users find your content online.


Looking for the best SEO Consultant out there? I can help you increase visitors (and sales) with SEO services built specifically for your business.

The SEO Services include:

  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • UX Design for SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Content Strategy
  • Link Acquisition

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)  allows  you to get right in front of your audience,  so that it’s easier for you to attract and convert your customers. FeDigital SEO uses different methods, all created to send traffic to your website and keep you on top of ranking.


Seo Consultant- ContentOne of the first steps in order to boost your search ranking is to create a SEO content strategy developed specifically for your brand. Our SEO team will do a detailed search of targeted keywords and create your content campaign around those keywords. 

As we explained in the title, in SEO content is king. That’s why we will make sure to create engaging and professional content, so that your customer will trust you, and start to be engaged in your products/services.

 The quality of the content will be outstanding, and SEO optimised, this will help you stand out as an authority in your sector putting you in a very good position. Content will include specific sales copy for targeted campaigns and promotions, and blog posts and offline guest posts that shows the expertise of your business. 

Get in touch now for a complete SEO CONSULTANCY and a SEO CONTENT PLAN.

Why is SEO important for marketing?

It’s not difficult to understand why SEO is really important for your business and your digital marketing. It’s important to be found and to show your services and products to as many users as possible. Visibility and high ranking are the keys for a successful website and combined with great services and products, will lead to a prosperous company.

All your website should be focused on the user experience. Once you understand what your users want, you need to use this knowledge on all your paid & organic campaigns, on your social media accounts and your content. Our work is to optimise your website firstly for your users and then, of course for your business.


We conduct a  competitor analysis for you. This will give you a very clear idea of what others in your field are doing succesfully (and what not). This  is gold information for us as is telling us what we should optimise on your website for success.


This information will also improve your SEO strategy so that your business can be at the top of the competition. It’s easy to understand how knowing the the strengths and weaknesses of similar businesses helps us detect the opportunities and start the SEO strategy starts off on the right foot.


On page

When we analyse your website, it’s possibile to discover some website issues that are not helping your website rank. These are technical issues that need to be solved before doing any SEO services. This is the most important part of the SEO plan, as without this first analysis all the SEO will be not as useful and will lead to a not succesful SEO strategy.

Link Building

Link building is not dead. It’a always very important to accompany your SEO strategy with high-quality link building campaigns. We make sure there is also a link building plan to follow, effectively helping you rise your ranking and beat the competition.


Because it’s important to track every progress in your SEO PLAN, we send you a detailed and easy-to-read report that illistrate the progress and the benefits of SEO, while studying and discussing new ways to increase your success. We include ranking and competitor monitoring, so that you can compare with your compatitors and understands all the SEO strategy.

We perform regular reports so that we can identify any improvements in the keywords ranking and adjust the SEO plan based on the changes. With our reports you will always know what is happening and what you can achieve and how long you need to achieve your goals and attract as many customers as possible.

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